How to create an account

Hello if you read this you are interested how to subscribe for membership.To become our month member is very simple just follow our step.

First you need to select register now on our webside.

Тhis is the first page and is for creating a profile that you will need for LOG IN on our webside.

On this page you need to create USERNAME,NEW PASSWORD and use valid E-MAIL address.

When you will finish this,you will go to the next second page. 

This page is for payment,you have two оption to use PayPal account to pay for your membership or to use Credit Card.If you chose to use Credit Card you need to fill this information to make payment.

You can use all kinds of credit card Master card,Visa card,Debit card or some others credit card.

First you need to chose COUNTRY.Then you will text the Credit Card number from the front side of the Credit Card. Then you will text the EXPIRY DATE of the Credit Card,the next step is to text CSC the three numbers from the back of the Credit Card and then you will text the FIRST NAME and LAST NAME of the OWNER of the Credit Card.Then you will chose what phone number you will use home or mobile.

Аll this information must be accurate and valid

Then you will need to text your billing address !

This is the address where you live.You need to fill the last three fields from create a PAYPAL account then just mark the small box that you agree PayPal to make the money transver and click AGREE AND PAY and you will become our month member that all.

Thank you for reading this !

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